Windows 10 Fix for Remote Gateway VPN Bug

When connected to a vpn, we often want to continue to use our connection for Internet traffic rather than forwarding it through the tunnel.  With Win 10, there’s a bug that prevents us from clicking on the Properties button for TCP/IP v4. David Carroll posted a fix here .  Other posts give fixes of editing the RAS phonebook, but David’s PowerShell method is much easier to me.  I’m posting the steps here as well (mostly for my records).  One key, I’ve noticed that if you have a space in the name of your VPN the Get-VpnConnection won’t return your connection info.  So if you have a connection like “VPN 1”, this method wouldn’t work for me but if you name it “VPN1” it works fine.

  1. From PowerShell, type Get-VpnConnection while connected to your VPN.  You’ll notice that the SplitTunneling is set to False.
  2. Set-VpnConnection “VPN1” -SplitTunneling 1 (replace VPN1 with the name of your VPN returned from the Get-VpnConnection.
  3. Disconnect from your VPN session and reconnect.  
  4. In Bing or Google, just type “what is my ip” and you should have your local internet IP rather than the one going through the VPN.

That should do it.

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