SourceSafe 2005 - filename not legal

With Vista running Visual Studio 2005 and Source Safe 2005, I continue to get the error below trying to open a solution/project directly from Source Safe.... "The filename selected is not recognized as legal.  Please select another file or rename the selected file."  Based on the title of the pop-up error, this is a Visual Studio error.

Source Safe error message

Searching for just that error, I couldn't find much more than a couple of MSDN forum threads with unfortunately no solution.  I usually don't post with out a fix but so far I haven't found a fix for this one. 

The only work around I've found is to open the Source Safe client and "get latest" to a local directory.  Once you have everything local, open that local solution/project in VS 2005.  Now VS shows all the Source Safe bindings and it's integrated from the point of checking out and checking in files.  Once you do this, it's not a problem but just trying to open directly from Source Safe through VS 2005 won't work for me.

External URL on SiteMap node

I had a SiteMap node that I wanted to link to an external URL rather than just a internal page.  I found many articles such as Joe Audette's post stating that you need to turn of SecurityTrimming and assign the node to a local page and then afterwards reassign it to your external URL and it would work.  Then I got lucky and found a forum reply from on of the team members saying all you needed to do was add roles="*" to your SiteMapNode.  I tried it and sure enough it works.  Below is a sample..

<siteMapnode title="Google" url="" roles="*" />

It's amazing how simple things can be once you know what to do.