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Cisco UC560 factory reset

If you’re setting up a UC560, there’s times when you just want to start over (especially if you’ve made changes with the CLI).  There’s a great post by John Platts with the steps so all credit to John but I thought I’d also put them here as well. 

  1. Using your  blue console cable, connect the RJ-45 to the console port on the UC-500.  I use Putty to connect and now I use my KeySpan console-to-USB adapter as I can’t find a laptop with a serial cable any more.  So for me, I fire up the Keyspan utility, set Putty to serial and put the com port keyspan is using and I”m good to go. (Note: I always unplug all ethernet connections to the UC.  I’ve tried it with something plugged in and at times it seems the reset just doesn’t take and I have to do it all again).
  2. Once connected, type en and then Show Flash and you’re looking for something like <UC500model>-factory-<software pack>.cfg.  So you might see something like UC560-FXO-K9-factory-  For me it’s usually the last entry after doing Show Flash.
  3. Copy that file to startup-config.  So the command for my config name example above would be copy UC560-FXO-K9-factory-8.0.0.cfg startup-config and enter to confirm.
  4. Type service-m i0/0 se to access the CUE.
  5. Enter your username/password and hit enter (sometimes it needs Enter twice)
  6. In John’s post he says you’ll get UC500-CUE# if you’re in the CUE but I’ve been getting se-10-1-10-1# .  In fact, sometimes it takes me to se-10-1-10-1(config)# and I have to do en to get back for the next command.   But for others, it’s giving them UC560# when they are in CUE.  Not sure what’s up with that. (Note: If you have an issue connecting and it times out saying “Connection refused by remote host”, first issue the command service-m i0/0 se clear and then do service-m i0/0 se.
  7. From the CUE prompt, enter offline and y to confirm.
  8. Now your prompt should be se-10-1-10-1(offline)#.  type restore factory default and again y to confirm.
  9. At Press any key to reload: hit enter.
  10. At the System Online message, press Enter key.  Type Exit and press Enter.
  11. Once out of CUE, type reload and y to confirm to proceed with reload.

Once the UC500 is rebooted, it’s back to default and you can connect via IP as usual to the default IP for your unit.

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