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Delete Personal View from Dynamics CRM 2011 Online

To me, it’s real easy to accidentally create a duplicate Personal View in Dynamics CRM 2011.  What’s not so easy is to figure out how to delete a Personal View.  Once you do it though, it’s very easy but not too intuitive the first time.


1. On your main ribbon, click the Advanced Find icon.  You may need to click on an entity to get it to display but selecting most entities in your left side menu will get it to appear (i.e. Dashboards, Leads, Accounts, etc.)


2.  In the Look for: drop down select the correct entity for your view.  If you clicked on Advanced Find from that entity, it’ll already be selected.  For my example, it’s Leads.


3. Click The Saved Views icon on that ribbon bar.  This is the part that’s easy to overlook and then once you see it, you’re like “Duh!”.  You need to have the Advanced Find tab selected and not File but that should be the case by default.




4.  Now you’ve got your list of Saved Views.  Just put a checkbox on the one you want to delete and click Delete Saved View.



So easy, I almost didn’t blog about it but since it eluded me I thought I’d go ahead and post any way.

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