Outlook 2010 Email Reading Tips

Personally, I like Outlook 2010 a lot but it does take some getting use to first.  On a new setup, here’s a couple of things I change right away to suit my needs.

Tip #1 Change Reading Pane to bottom

This one is pretty easy and know some people use it on the side.  But I like to see the columns with date and size so putting the reading pane on the bottom works much better for me.  For this just click the View tab at the top and you’ll see in the Layout section Reading Pane with a down arrow.  Just click the down arrow and select Bottom.

Tip #2 Mark email as read if viewed for 3 seconds

Since we read most emails in the preview Reading Pane, I also like to change it so the email is marked as read if I look at that email for 3 seconds.  To make that change:

  1. Click File and Options
  2. Select Mail on the left
  3. Click Reading Pane in the middle and check Mark items as read when viewed in Reading Pane and I usually change the seconds to 3.


Tip #3: After moving or deleting an email, move up

The other big one for me is after I delete an email, I want my selection to move Up, not Down.  I generally read emails from the bottom starting with the oldest so if I delete or move and email I want to then move on to the one above.  Here’s how:

  1. Click File and Options (just like before)
  2. Select Mail on the left
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and look in the section called Other.
  4. Where it shows After moving or deleting an open item, select Open the Previous Item.

So not the most glamorous or amazing tips but key tips for me and at least one is not in an obvious place to look…at least not to me. :)

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