Visual Studio 2005 "release build" option missing

While working on my SubText web site, I realize I accidentally deployed my code in debug mode.  So I opened up VS 2005 to build as a "release" and redeploy.  Surprise, I had no "release" option only a "debug" option in Configuration Manager.  After searching and searching, I finally found this post on K. Scott Allen's blog about the differences between 'release' and 'debug' builds.  The problem (or maybe "cause" is the right word) stems from the fact that I had set the debug mode in the web.config.  According to Scott..

This new compilation model makes the Configuration Manager for a web site obsolete. The only option appearing in a Visual Studio 2005 web site “project” is a Debug configuration. Don’t fret – it means nothing. The web.config file now rules the school.

Now, I know I've had "debug=true" in many of my web.configs and I don't remember the "Configuration Manager" taking the release option away but that certainly seems to be the case now.  I hope this saves you some time trying to track this down.

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