Disable file and folder transfers in RWW

You may have noticed in Small Business Servers Remote Web Workplace that when you go to "Connect to my computer at work" that if users click "Optional Settings", one of the options is "

The key was figuring out that rapLinks.userLogonName returned the username of the logged on user.  If it matches what's in the aUsers array then it hides the checkDrives checkbox.  I wanted to hide the label but I haven't figured that one out yet.  The label doesn't have an ID but instead uses <label for="checkDrive...  If you know of a way to hide that programattically, please let me know.  Since it only hides the checkbox, it's sort of an ugly solution but since "Optional Settings" is a somewhat obscure option for most users and since it is functional, I'm okay with it.  I hope it helps you out.  It took me almost 1/2 a day to figure it out.

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