Amazon Cell Phones - Deal or No Deal?

I'm was looking at getting an AT&T Tilt and at first glance has the most compelling offer but I'm not sure about working through Amazon.   While they have many high-end phones for 1 penny, they do have a catch...if you drop your data plan or are late on a payment in the first 6 months, they'll auto charge you $250 per phone.  Since I was getting two phones on a family plan, that scared me.  So, instead, I went with  Their catch is you have to remember to send in your rebate info at a certain time frame but I felt a little better with that and their turn around time was awesome.  I'd be curious if others have had good experience or bad experience with  Feel free to post your comments and let me know.  I'll update you in time on how Let's Talk handles their rebates.


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