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Kids got a couple of SanDisk Sana e250 MP3's this Christmas.  Some things I like about it compared to the IPod Nano (cheaper, FM Radio) and some thing I don't (wheel isn't nearly as smooth, menu button is awkward and requires to hard of a push to activate).  It certainly wasn't plug-n-play on our Vista desktops.  The first key is to go into the settings and first change the USB mode to MSC so Vista can install the drivers.  You can later change it to MTP but if you start with MTP mode I kept getting a failure on setup.  Then I ran the SanDisk firmware updater (In MSC mode of course) to get the latest firmware.  For some reason, the highest I can get is 1.02.18a through the Firmware Updater even though the web site shows 1.02.20 being out. 

Album art isn't displaying for me for songs transferred from Windows Media Player 11.  I've read WMP 10 works fine but I'm Vista so that's not an option.  I've also read a firmware upgrade fixes the problem but it didn't fix it for me.  After transferring songs, I see .alb files in the Albums folder for my new albums but nothing shows up.  SanDisk user guide says you "may" need to put the album art in the same folder as the song.  (Can you believe they said "may need" in their user guide!)  So the fix seems to be to copy the .jpg to the same folder as the music and give it the name "Album Art.jpg".  However, if you just try to copy a .jpg file to the Sansa it'll say that type of file isn't supported.  Again, I've read post that the latest firmware fixes this too but it didn't for me.  So here's my steps to get Album Art on the Sansa e250.

  1. First find your album art.  You can use any image including one of your own.  For original album art, browse to or I guess you can just use assuming there's no licensing restrictions. 
  2. Right click on the image and "save picture as" to save it to your computer as "Album Art.mp3"
  3. In Windows Explorer, copy Album Art.mp3 to your Sansa placing it in the folder Music/<yourAlbum>.
  4. In Windows Explorer, right click on "Album Art.mp3" on your Sansa and rename it to "Album Art.jpg".

Depending on your firmware, you may not have to do the save as .mp3 and then rename to .jpg but I did.  Now when you play a song, you should see the album art.  Click the select button (center of your wheel) to see it full screen.


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