Blackjack II - Any MP3 as Ringtone

Would you like to your favorite song to be your ringtone for your Blackjack II?  Here's the steps to get this going.

  1. Install a Registry Editor on the phone.  The PHM Registry Editor will get the job for free. It was released in 2002 but registries haven't change in years, so we'll This registry editor gets installed on the phone.  If you have bad eyes and would prefer to make the changes on your computer, try Mobile Registry Editor or CERegEdit .  These allow you to make the phone registry changes on your computer which is nice but requires you to connect the phone to make changes.  I like PHM Registry Editor on my phone in case I need to make quick changes with just my phone.  To install PHM Registry Editor...
    1. I had trouble (and found post of others with the same problem) getting it to install with the ActiveSync installer.  Instead download the Smartphone 2002, 2003 (ARM/PXA) cab file to your computer.
    2. Copy that file to your phone. 
    3. On your phone, double click on the to install it. 
    4. On your phone, click Start and then scroll down and double click PHM Registry Editor.
  2. Open PHM Registry Editor and click HKEY_Current_Users, then click Control Panel then scrolldown and highlight Sounds.
  3. Click Sounds and then select Values.
  4. Highlight FileSizeLimit and then click Menu and Delete. (Note: You can also just increase the value.  I couldn't enter the number direct but had to scroll up.  That was too slow for me so I just deleted the key.  If you'd like, you can add the Key back as a new DWord value and during the creation you can enter the value you want.) 
  5. Confirm the Delete.

So far, it seems like you need to get your MP3 over to your Main Memory and not your SD card to make it a ringtone.  Once you get the MP3 over to your phone, you can go to Settings, Sounds, RingTone and select the MP3 as your Ringtone.  If you don't see your MP3 and it's on your phone, wait 5 minutes and look again and it'll probably be there. :)

If you have Outlook contact you can now open the Contact and select the individual ringtone.  This won't work for SIM contacts.

Use this at your own risk!  This post comes with no warranty and is simply my account of what worked for me.  This is making changes to your registry and could potential mess up your phone.

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