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Multiple blogs on SubText

Are you new to the SubText blogging package and not sure how to set up multiple blogs on a single install?  I love SubText but I was stumped by how to set up multiple blogs.  At, the Docs gives a detailed explaination of what's happening in the app and database code but was I suppose to start manually updating the database?  Turns out "no".  Just add /hostadmin to the initial URL you set up and log in with your original username/password (i.e.  http://<yourSubTextURL>/hostadmin ).  This gives you an easy interface to create multiple blogs.  Piece of cake if you know what to do.

On an embarrasing side note, this is clearly documented at if you go to the "Configure" section of the "Documentation". But you do have to actually go and read! 

Visual Studio 2005 "release build" option missing

While working on my SubText web site, I realize I accidentally deployed my code in debug mode.  So I opened up VS 2005 to build as a "release" and redeploy.  Surprise, I had no "release" option only a "debug" option in Configuration Manager.  After searching and searching, I finally found this post on K. Scott Allen's blog about the differences between 'release' and 'debug' builds.  The problem (or maybe "cause" is the right word) stems from the fact that I had set the debug mode in the web.config.  According to Scott..

This new compilation model makes the Configuration Manager for a web site obsolete. The only option appearing in a Visual Studio 2005 web site “project” is a Debug configuration. Don’t fret – it means nothing. The web.config file now rules the school.

Now, I know I've had "debug=true" in many of my web.configs and I don't remember the "Configuration Manager" taking the release option away but that certainly seems to be the case now.  I hope this saves you some time trying to track this down.

Sharepoint 2007 and SQL 2000 Reporting Services don't work together

Like many others, we had Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 and SQL 2000 Reporting Services on the same server.  Searching the Internet and install guides mentioned nothing about it being a problem but after I upgraded to MOSS 2007 SQL 2000 Reporting Services was dead.  After digging in, the problem is that SQL 2000 Reporting Services runs under .NET 1.1 and the key is it has to run under the "Default Web Site" in IIS.  MOSS 2007 upgrades the "Default Web Site" to .NET 2.0.  That causes all sorts of problems for SQL 2k RS.  A call to Microsoft came up with no workaround.  I'll give more details on the specifics if anyone is interested, but in won't work.

So what's the fix?  The fx is to upgrade to SQL 2005 Reporting Services.  The good news is you don't have to upgrade Sharepoint to SQL 2005.  You can, but if you where like me and in a hurry to get SQL RS going you probably want a little more time to plan for that process.  The way to do it, is to first backup you SQL 2000 RS DB's and then simply insert your SQL 2005 CD.  Don't select any other option but Reporting Services and let is upgrade the default instance.  This will upgrade the Reporting Services engine and upgrade the web site to .NET 2.0 and that will play quite nicely with MOSS 2007.  Hope this helps someone out.

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