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SBS 2008 - Cannot connect to the configuration database

After installing the seemingly harmless Security Update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 x64(KB9834444) update on a SBS 2008 server, users complained the next day that they couldn't open CompanyWeb.  They would receive the error "Cannot connect to the configuration database."  In short, the fix was to re-run the Configuring Sharepoint Products and Technologies Wizard.  As soon as we kicked that off we received the message that there were new files that needed to be updated so obviously something needed to get upgraded that the Windows Update process didn't handle.  Seems like the kind of thing that should have received a pop-up of some sort during the Windows Update install.

At any rate, re-running the Configuring Sharepoint Products and Technologies Wizard in Administrative Tools fixed the issue. 

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SBS 2008 Time Service NTP Setup

When setting up SBS 2008, I could find very little information on the right way to set it up to sync with a NTP source.  In fact, I can very little on how to do it on Windows Server 2008 in general.  There are articles on how to do it with Windows Server 2003 and the needed registry changes ( )  Those registry changes will work on W2K8 I'm 99% sure.  I wanted some verification as KB 816042 only list W2K3 in the "applies to" section but I couldn't find a W2K8 specific article.

By default, SBS 2008 uses which is either off or just not sync'ing correctly for one of our SBS servers.  So I needed to change it to servers and wanted to know the "SBS 2008" way to do it.  Not sure that I found it but here's what I did.   Rather than make the registry changes, I went command line and let it take care of it for me.  This has the benefit that you could write a script that took the NTP servers as parameters (which may be useful only if you're regularly setting up domains like I am).

Open a command prompt with Run as Administrator and enter the following commands.

net stop w32time
w32tm /unregister
w32tm /register
net start w32time
net time /,,2,, w32tm /config /syncfromflags:MANUAL /manualpeerlist:",0x8,0x8,0x8,0x8"
net stop w32time
net start w32time
w32tm /resync /rediscover

Often I get an error on w32tm /unregister that "access is denied" but it seems to remove the previous entries like it should so I still do it.  Since SBS is the PDC, the time should replicate to all your domain computers as they re-sync with SBS for their time.

Hope this helps.

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